Our Mission

The Ed Block Courage Award Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to supporting the well-being of abused, neglected and at-risk children throughout our Courage House National Support Network for Kids. Through our partnership with the National Football League, the Foundation cultivates awareness at each Courage House and helps to raise funds for their programs and initiatives.

 Our Vision is to break the cycle of abuse and neglect and to lay the foundation for generations of safe and nurturing families.

Featured Video

Albert Wilson received the Ed Block Courage Award after his 2018 season was cut short due to an hip injury, while also being plagued by a hamstring injury for the 2019 season. He became a role model in the locker room and in the community, showing perseverance through adversity. He has continually found a way to give back to the community including supporting children struggling with similar backgrounds as his own growing up by developing The Albert Wilson Foundation. 

The Albert Wilson Foundation is a charity founded by Albert Wilson to enrich the lives of children in foster care (he, too, came up through the foster care system). It strives to change the destiny of foster children and break the cycle of abuse, neglect and abandonment. With an average of 40-60% of foster youth identifying as Black or Hispanic, the Foundation also serves as a voice and an agent of change dedicated to raising awareness for social justice and racial inequalities. The Foundation not only works to support youth during their transition in and out of foster care, but also provides a platform for transitioning youth to learn about legal rights, laws and social issues impacting people of color. Its goal is to provide scholarships to those wishing to continue their education outside the state of Florida, in addition to rewarding youth who continue to excel in the classroom and extracurriculars, despite all obstacles and circumstances.

You can find out more about the Albert Wilson Foundation HERE!

WHAT we do…

We are a 501-3C non-profit that works directly with the NFL to partner each team with a child abuse/at-risk youth facility (labeled Courage Houses) in their region. The goal is to create a support network to assist that Courage Houses in their fundraising and awareness. The Foundation directly provides monetary and in-kind donations, as well as services to each of the 27 partnered facilities across the country.

Teams support their facilities in many different ways throughout the year, including: hosting fundraising events, player visits with the kids, visits for Courage House at the team facilities, attendance to fundraising events, in-kind gifts for the children, autographed memorabilia donations and ticket donations, among many other ways. The Foundation also provides each facility with financial and in-kind donations, as well as services and programs to help their cause.

We host the Ed Block Courage Awards Gala every March where one player from each team, voted on by their teammates, for their courage and inspiration throughout their season. Those 32 players travel to Baltimore for to be honored and presented with the most unique trophy in all of sports. During their stay, they participate in two community outreaches with the local at-risk youth at a designated Baltimore City Rec Center and with the abused children at St. Vincent’s Villa (Baltimore Ravens Courage House). The events are meant to inspire the local youth, as well as the players to go back to their local communities and get involved with their designated Courage Houses.