About The Ed Block Courage Award Foundation

The Ed Block Courage Award Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to raising awareness and prevention for abused, neglected, and at risk children.

The cooperative efforts of the Foundation, the NFL, the NFL Players Association, the NFL Alumni Association, NFL Films, the Professional Football Athletic Trainers Society and the Pro Football Hall of Fame have enabled the dream to grow.

Today, the Ed Block Courage Awards event is heralded as one of the most prestigious in the NFL, and the Foundation has expanded its scope, recognition, and charitable efforts to a highly visible national level. Another of Sam’s dreams, the creation of a national network through dedication of Courage Houses in NFL cities, is also well under way. On a nation-wide basis, the Foundation has formulated a Courage House National Support Network for Kids through the dedication of Courage Houses in 25 NFL cities. The Foundation also sponsors the Baltimore Sports Media Hall of Fame Award and the Professional Football Athletic Training Staff of the Year Award.




“By virtue of you coming here and reading this, you are among the compassionate of the world. No higher accolade can be given. Compassion is the soul of all religion. Compassion is the noble way of life, a great guide for the truly noble of heart.” -Ed Block

ed block courage award

Ed Block was a hero in many ways. Under General Patton in World War II, he earned a Purple Heart. As an athletic trainer, he was a master in his chosen field. As a person, he was compassionate and giving.

Ed was the Head Athletic Trainer of the Baltimore Colts from 1954-1977. He was asked to join the team by the legendary coach Weeb Ewbank in 1954 and cared for the team’s legendary players of the Colts’ glory years of the 50s, 60s and 70s. He was inducted in the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) Hall of Fame in 1974.

While Ed will be remembered as one of the most educated athletic trainers of his day, some of his most significant contributions came in the tirelessly manner in which he gave of himself to help improve the lives of children. He stood for courage and championed the cause of those who displayed that characteristic. His work and philosophy continues today through the Foundation that bears his name. A great and compassionate humanitarian, he was always proud to be known simply as “Ed Block of the Baltimore Colts.”

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