To all of our volunteers who have helped us reach our goal of helping neglected, abused and at-risk youth across the country. Without the hard work of these dedicated individuals, we would not be able to hold our various fundraisers throughout the year.




Volunteers:  GG Hyle

Courage House President/Transportation: Ray Wright

Transportation: Ed Manekin

Security: Bill Hughes

Security: Rick Schull

Tickets & Seating: Tony Ferraro

Media: Kim Knight

Community Outreach: Lisa Byrd

Player Liaison: Lois Haddaway

Player Liaison: Dawn Bloss




Jim Bracken, Bob Donald, Carol Hendrix, Tom Meseke, Geri Vacovsky, Judy Ryland, Toni Lekas, Sherri Brogan Jimmy Scott, Brad Tippin, Frederick Bianco, Brandon Pritchard, Lucy Kelly, Justin Fitch, Scott Walston, Ray Pabon, Walt Mueller, Joe Robinson, Adam Kaminski, James Brooks, Mo Goff, Ashley Pescrille, Staci Elkins, Lamonte Tyler, Kim Haddaway, Shelby Manekin, Hali Zaben, Danette Fischer


M&T BANK Volunteers


Nakiah Saunders, Shaina Kaplan, Kaila Jenkins, Debra Parks, Guillermo Avila, Mickey Gorman, Mike Unholz, Sam Scott, Charlene Adams, Chris Sweeney, Matt Mack, Lynda Deck, Barb Hood, Shringar Sheth, Alan Tracewell