Michael Vick

2009 Ed Block Courage Award Recipient from the Philadelphia Eagles Michael Vick has been working with the Philadelphia Eagles and the Humane Society of the United States to promote awareness of the evils and dangers associated with dog fighting.  As someone who paid a large debt for his role in this lifestyle he is uniquely equipped to educate at risk youths as to their perils.  Please see the links below for a description of Michael's work with the Humane Society along with their Campaign to fight animal cruelty.  There is also a link below to the Philadelphia Eagles initiative, Treating Animals With Kindness (TAWK), a community outreach initiative that focuses on public education and awareness to reduce the abuse of animals, promote responsible adoption, encourages spaying and neutering and putting an end to dog fighting.




Quotes From Coach Andy Reid and Quaterback Donovan McNabb on Michael Vick's Selection as the Courage Award Recipient (Associated Press):

Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid:

Give coach Andy Reid credit though for going to bat for his player. Saying that the vote was unanimous, Reid said, “I’m not sure you can explain it unless you’ve gone through it with him. Everybody is going to have their opinion on it, I’m sure. But unless you’ve been with him for the hours his teammates have been with him and seen him go through all these different things he’s had to go through, that time-tested part of it, you can’t appreciate it quite as much.

“I don’t expect everybody to understand it, no. But it’s a tribute when it’s a slam dunk (vote) by his teammates. It was a unanimous vote there. (The award) isn’t something that we as coaches or Rick (Burkholder) as the trainer promotes. You don’t promote a player to win the award. It’s picked by the players and only by the players.”

"Congratulations to him for straightening his life around and bettering himself as a human being," coach Andy Reid said. "He's obviously very well-respected by his teammates."

Quarterback Donovan McNabb:

Quarterback Donovan McNabb called the award "well-deserved."

Baltimore Ravens 2009 Ed Block Courage Award Recipient:

Ravens safety Dawan Landry, who missed most of last season with a serious neck injury, said Tuesday that he had no problems with Vick being named the Eagles' award winner.

"With all of the things he's gone through in the past year or so, I think it showed a lot of courage for him to get back on his feet," Landry said. "He's doing well with that organization [the Eagles], and his peers voted for him for it. So I'm all for it."

Teammates choose Vick as Eagles' Ed Block Courage Award winner